I am writing to say we are Open for Business.

All of our tours are available, some with restrictions to days of operation and timings.

We have in place the guidelines for Safe travel - Sanization and proper cleaning.
One change we have to make, is that we are unable to take people from different groups.
You cannot join a tour if you are from a nominated Hot Spot for Coronavirus.

Come on a tour with us, and let us show you Victoria.
Check our website for great places to see and explore.

Daylesford/Hepburn Springs are nestled high up in the Central Highlands of Victoria. Their claim to fame, is they have the most number of natural Mineral Water Springs in Australia, so that's why the region is called the Spa Country.
Apart from Mineral Water Springs, Daylesford/Hepburn Springs is also an Art Mecca with galleries by Michael Parker and David Bromley and you cant leave Daylesford without going to the Convent Art Gallery.
Its also a place to be for fine dining and wine, with restaurants like Sault, Mercato, Reubans, and the hatted Lake House, you would be hard to find a collection of calibre of these in a capital city. 

Old, Cold and Gold, that is what Ballarat is best known for.

Though over the years, Ballarat tourism has tried to shun itself of this title, and tried to portray Ballarat as the New trendy Place to Be.
Golden Nugget Discovery Tours has embraced the OLD, COLD and GOLD title, because that what Ballarat really is.

We have the Ballarat Discovery Tour, The Ballarat Highlights Tour, The Ballarat City Walking Tour, and the Goldfields Track Walking Tour.

In all these tours we Interpret the Old, Nothing epitomises Old more that Lydiard Street and Sturt Street, some of the best streetcapes of
Gold rush buildings in Australia. 
We Interpret and brace the Cold, Ballarat would have one of the coldest climates in Australia outside the Alps of Victoria and New South Wales.
All our tours operate in Winter, no matter what the weather is, hail, rain or snow. In our interpretation, we convey the misery the miners would have
to live with in Winter, and in the forests of the nearby parks we show the Winter wildflowers in show, namely the Common Heath - Victoria's Floral Emblem.
We Interpet the Gold, if it wasnt for the Gold, there would be no Ballarat.  We Interpret the Gold rush, and show you where the incredible amounts of 
gold was found. Ballarat was the first of the large Goldfields in Victoria, and the word passed around London during the Gold rush, that Ballarat's streets
are paved in Gold.
So if you want to truely experience Ballarat and feel the Old, Cold and Gold, then book one of our tours, you wont be disappointed.

Autumn is a great time to see the state of Victoria. Here in Victoria we certainly Do have 4 seasons compared to other states of Australia.
There is a definate Feel and Look of the different seasons, whether its Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

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